Ultrasonic Testing

The Skygauge takes ultrasonic testing to the skies. Conduct faster, safer industrial inspections by drone.

The Drone for
Ultrasonic Testing

The most stable and powerful industrial drone for non-destructive testing. Perform ultrasonic thickness inspections while simultaneously conducting both Close Visual Inspection (CVI) and General Visual Inspection (GVI).
Credit: Skygauge
Go Beyond Visual
Credit: Skygauge

Go Beyond Visual with
Drone-Based UT

The Skygauge reaches beyond visual inspections with the ability to take precise ultrasonic readings at height using the Olympus 38DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gauge. Once the inspection surface has been reached, couplant is automatically dispensed to ensure secure contact. View your readings comfortably from the ground in real-time.

Ultrasonic Testing Readings

The Skygauge probe hosts several different systems and sensors to collect UT thickness data. Once the pilot navigated the drone into an inspection area, the pilot engages the contact mode. With the feedback from the forward facing LiDAR aid the drone moves forward at a fixed speed. Right before contact is made couplant is automatically dispensed. During contact, the drone automatically adjusts its angle with feedback from the force sensor. These adjustments mimic the precision of hand tested readings. The live waveform is verified by the UT inspector and the pilot flies the drone to the next inspection point. All data is stored on an SD card that is exported to the inspection computer after the job is completed. The inspection computer automatically generates inspection reports with the data.
Ultrasonic Reading
Credit: Skygauge
Waveform data
Credit: Skygauge

Mimics the Precision of the Human Hand

Advanced force feedback technology allows the Skygauge to make secure, precise contact with the inspection surface.

Employs Industry Standard Tools & Techniques

The innovation of drone technology with the experience of trusted tools and techniques. Couplant is dispensed automatically, and readings are taken with the Olympus 38DL Plus Gauge.
Credit: Skygauge

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